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At RetailSails, we perform our own due diligence and form our opinions based on comprehensive research and analysis. All the research we provide is done independently within the limitations of today's stringent compliance rules and regulations.


Retailsails has the benefit of over 30 years of experience in the consumer sector and witnessed first hand the many upward and downward shifts that occur in today's challenging economic conditions. Our insights will allow you to separate your strategy's and achieve your goals.


Intelligent is defined as the ability to easily learn or understand things or to deal with a new or difficult situation. At Retailsails, we strive to provide both insight and research to assist you and your team in today's challenging environment.

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RetailSails is a New York based research and consulting firm aiming to be the premier resource for fact-based insight and analysis covering the U.S. retail and consumer goods industries. Through our sophisticated method of qualitative and quantitative analysis, we are able to provide our clients with a concise, compelling and insightful mosaic of this ever-changing space.


Marc Heller has over 30 years of experience in both the manufacturing and retailing communities, having begun his career at Abraham and Strauss in 1978. His particular expertise is in all facets of the women's apparel industry covering both retailers and manufacturers. He joined Sag Harbor at their infancy in 1980 and worked there through the acquisition by Kellwood Corp. in 1986. Mr. Heller was the Vice President of Sales at Gloria Vanderbilt prior to its acquisition by Jones New York. He has held various position with a particular focus in private label sportswear. Since 2005 he has worked with many of the most prominent financial institutions in the country and advising them on their investment strategies in the apparel related field. Marc Heller graduated from Olin School of Business at Washington University in 1977. Contact Marc at mh@retailsails.com

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Apple's Retail Stores Key To Tech Giant's Success

Revenue growth may have slowed last year at Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) retail stores, but the division remains one of the world’s strongest retail chains and a key strategic focus of the tech-giant’s future. Read the full article »

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